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Fifth Annual Pappy Van Winkle Auction

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To Our Friends, Customers and All Whiskey Lovers –

We are pleased to welcome you to our Fifth Annual auction of Pappy Van Winkle Whiskey.

Once again, we will be auctioning off our entire allotment of these rare and highly acclaimed whiskeys. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of both the Sazerac Company and Republic-National Distributing Company, we will be offering a total of 22 bottles, including 3 bottles of the highly-coveted 23-year old, and, for the first time in many years, a bottle of the extremely rare 13-year old rye. All of the proceeds that we raise go directly to charity. We take care of all of the costs, including Sales Tax, credit card charges, etc.

We have again decided to donate the money raised through the auction to Seeds 4 Success (S4S) because we have seen the impact that our donation has on their programs. S4S is a local nonprofit organization, with a mission of helping children living in public and subsidized housing become successful in school and life! Through individualized, one on one tutoring and mentoring, S4S programs helps students learn better study kills, read on appropriate reading level, select and prepare for a career path of their choice, and learn crucial academic and soft-skills. Their hope is that each child will live a fruitful life without needing to return to public housing. Seeds 4 Success offers programs for elementary, middle and high school students in grades 3 through 12. They even offer parent workshops where parents learn about resources in their communities, how to help their children secure funding for college and healthy habits that will help their children become successful. S4S’ results are impressive – many of their students have been inducted into the National Honor Society, or become accepted into magnet programs. Seeds 4 Success is an effective program and has earned many awards for the great work they do in the Annapolis community. Learn more at www.s4sannapolis.org

The rules for the silent auction will be the same as last year. There are 22 total bottles available – 9 bottles of 10-year old, 7 bottles of 12-year old, 1 bottle of 15-year old, 1 bottle of 20-year old, 3 bottles of 23-year old and one bottle of 13-year old rye. You can bid on one, some or all of the bottles and you are welcome to bid as often as you like. Bidding will open November 23rd and will close at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on December 14th.

To submit a bid, send an email to events@eastportliquors.com with your name, which bottle or bottles you are bidding on and what your bid(s) is/are. There will also be forms available in Eastport Liquors if you want to fill one out in person. We will endeavor to post a daily “leaderboard” showing the then-current leading bid for each bottle on our website (www.eastportliquors.com) and on the Eastport Liquors Facebook page. You can raise your bid(s) as often as you like. We will only post the bid amounts, not the bidders’ names (so if you are buying a bottle as a gift for someone, you are safe). If you are one of the winning bidders, we will reach out to you on December 15th to finalize the sale and arrange for pick-up. Please note, the one thing that we cannot do is ship bottles, so you or your designee over the age of 21 must pick the bottle(s) up in person whenever it is convenient. Once purchased, we will hold the bottles for as long as necessary until pick-up can be arranged. Bids must be in whole dollar amounts and the winners of any ties will be determined by a random drawing. We reserve the right to request a deposit to guaranty a bid.

Our prior auctions have been incredibly successful and a lot of fun and through the generosity of our bidders, we have raised almost $100.000 for Seeds4Success.

We wish you the best for the upcoming Holiday Season and thank you so much for supporting this wonderful local charity.


Everyone at Eastport Liquors